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Every verse of nahums little book has been hammered out on the anvil of. There is also a phonetic guide to use to see the proper pronunciation of nahum. The prophets name means comfort, and his word of comfort is for judah, the lord is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble, and he knoweth them that trust in him nahum 1. Nahum opened his prophecy by announcing that the lord is a jealous god, who takes vengeance on his enemies and is fierce in his anger. The assyrian world power has already devastated samaria, the capital of the tentribe kingdom of israel. A new translation with introduction and commentary the anchor yale bible commentaries. Nineveh was conquered by the babylonians, medes, and scythians in 612 b. Ninevehs fall, which is nahums theme, would bring comfort to judah. The gospel according to nahum the gospel according to the old testament. This study also includes a teaching outline at the end. Nahum can be identified as prophecy based on nahum 1. It was likely written before the babylonians took over nineveh in 612 b. While the violence in the text is often difficult to comprehendnahum addresses both the oppressed in judah and the oppressing assyrians. Heaps of human bodies would be piled up in the streets.

Book of nahum was written for the decline of assyria sometime between 660620 b. This summary of the book of nahum provides information about the title, author s, date of writing, chronology, theme, theology, outline, a brief overview, and the chapters of the book of nahum. The burden of nineveh of nineveh, see note on jonah 3. Summary of the book of nahum the story of the bible.

Second, the remainder of nahums prophecies came true in 612 b. This would place nahum as a prophet most likely during the repentant period of king manassehs reign 697642 b. Elkosh was a city in assyria, a few miles north of the ruins of nineveh. Nahum means comfort or consolation and is a short form of nehemiah comfort of yahwe. Nahum was written after the assyrians sacked the egyptian city of thebes, or noamon nah 3. Both prophets speak gods word regarding the city of nineveh. Yet the bible is a book of hope for the future when the prince of peace will secure lasting peace among all peoples and nations isaiah 9. His book is a message of destruction for nineveh, and that would have been a message of consolation for the nations she had oppressed. Book of nahum bible survey what are the major prophets and minor prophets. Do we ever reach a point that we cannot be forgiven nahum 3.

The book is divided into three chapters, although the precise chapter breaks may vary. Ninevehs fall, which is nahum s theme, would bring comfort to judah. When the prophets were sent to denounce judgments against a nation, or city, their message, or prophecy, was usually called the burden of that people, or place. The book of nahum mentions the recent fall of noamon, or thebes, which. Watch our overview video on the book of nahum, which breaks down the literary design of the book and its flow of thought. The books title is taken from the prophetofgods oracle against nineveh, the capital of assyria. For more information about nahum, check out the easton bible dictionary entry as well. Nahum also predicted a time of peace beyond this troubled world. A new translation with introduction and commentary. Click the play button below to hear how to pronounce nahum. Sign up here to see what happened on this day, every day in your. Josephus places nahum during the reign of jotham, while others place him in the beginning of the reign of ahaz, judahs next king, or even the latter half of the.

Reading the chapter before looking at the notes, while working with the notes, and after finishing with the notes will give each researcher a powerful sense of the series of meanings within each chapter. The book of the vision as prophets were of old called seers, so their prophecies were called visions. He was raised up to preach gods judgment for a second time to nineveh. Nahum received a divine vision that revealed a condemning judgment against nineveh and assyria nahum 3. Authorship the author of this remarkably literary book is probably nahum. Transcribed and edited by david sielaff, august 20. The lords anger against nineveh the lord is a jealous and avenging god. When he prophesied, the neoassyria empire was at the height of its power. The book of the vision of nahum the elkoshite nahum 1. After the journey of the first apostles mentioned in the bible, most of selfclaiming christians, es. Its purpose is to pronounce the final warning and judgment upon nineveh, and he also. The author is more than capable of bringing out exegetical insights from the book. The gospel according to nahum the gospel according to the old testament gregory d. First, nahum mentions thebes no amon in egypt falling to the assyrians 663 b.

Each of these prophets shared insights into the years leading up to the babylonian conquest of judah. Thanks for pointing out that nineveh and assyria are not. A new translation with introduction and commentary the anchor yale bible commentaries christensen, duane l. Book of nahum read, study bible verses online bible study tools. The title identifies the book as an oracle concerning nineveh and attributes it to the vision of nahum of elkosh. He is slow to anger, but when it does come his fury is poured out like fire. Title the books title is taken from the prophet of gods oracle against nineveh, the capital of assyria.

What we do have in the book of nahum is a remarkable prophecy, but one which seems very much outofdate. This free audio bible name pronunciation guide is a valuable tool in your study of gods word. Several clues are given in the book of nineveh that helps us estimate the time that nahum communicated gods oracle against nineveh. Nahum did not write this book as a warning or call to repentance for the people of nineveh. The contents are primarily made up of judgment oracles, with appropriate.

Second, the remainder of nahum s prophecies came true in 612 b. Understanding this should make man quick to repent and wary of presuming on gods. It is written in both the old and new testaments that it shall come to pass in the last days that god will pour out his spirit upon all flesh and the sons and daughters, those seed who shall come and serve jesus christ in the final generation and shall declare his righteousnessps. Very candidly, i must say that the little book of nahum is not the greatest in the bible, but it is a great book, and it is in the word of god for a very definite purpose. How to pronounce say nahum by bible speak pronunciation.

Book of nahum, the seventh of 12 old testament books that bear the. This is all that is known of the writer of this book. Nahum could well have lived there and have prophesied to nineveh, as daniel did to babylon later on. Highlights from the books of nahum, habakkuk, and zephaniah.

Nahum, in vivid and dramatic detail, describes the battle scenes and subsequent destruction 2. The book of nahum is a stark reminder that those who plot against the lord, will be brought to complete destruction. Book of nahum, the seventh of 12 old testament books that bear the names of the minor prophets grouped together as the twelve in the jewish canon. The first clue as to the date of the prophecy of nahum is given in nahum 3. Watch our overview video on the book of nahum, which breaks down the literary. Christ in all the scriptures a m hodgkin the destruction of nineveh is the one burden of nahum. Our sermon ideas on the book of nahum will help you preach a powerful message on gods reaction to unrestrained cruelty and evil. This summary of the book of nahum provides information about the title, authors. The lord takes revenge against his foes and is furious with his adversaries.

The prophet nahum predicts the fall of nineveh in the mid7th century bc, several decades before the city actually fell in 612 bc. Introduction the author the name nahum means comfort or consolation. The prophet nahum of judah has a word regarding the assyrian capital, nineveh. But we dont know where that was because it is not mentioned elsewhere in the bible. Nineveh is going to fall because israels god, yahweh, has declared it to be guilty, and he has arrived in his terrifying might to carry out its punishment. The central theme of the book of nahum is the overthrow of the greatest capital city of the ancient gentile world in the 7 th century bc. Below are scriptures in nahum that refer to endtime events. The short book of nahum is largely a poem, a literary masterpiece, predicting the downfall of nineveh, the capital of assyria. Gcbi is a one year bible program designed to give students the tools and knowledge required to understand the bible and form a biblical worldview, with the goal of.

The book of nahum is prophecy concerning the city of nineveh and reveals a powerful message about gods care for his elect. The lord takes vengeance on his foes and vents his wrath against his enemies. It is attributed to the prophet nahum, and was probably written in jerusalem in the 7th century bc. Nahum 1, new international version niv the bible app. The book of nahum is the seventh book of the 12 minor prophets of the hebrew bible. Introduction as i come to each new book and chapter of the bible, some folk kid me that i always say it is the greatest book or chapter. Nahum declared that nineveh would fall as did thebes, which the assyrians themselves had conquered in 663.

God is strong and will use means, but a mighty god doesnt need anyone else to carry out vengeance and wrath for him. When god is resisted long enough and rejected strongly enough, eventually his judgment comes. These words are also quoted by the apostle, both from isaiah and nahum, and applied to the great redemption wrought out for us by our lord jesus, and the publishing of it to the world by the everlasting gospel, rom. Nahum, gods oracle against nineveh, destruction in 612 bc. C, merely before their downfall at the hands of the babylonians and almost 150. This is apropos because his message of the coming judgment on nineveh comforted judah after their suffering at assyrias hand. The books author is nahum, whose name means comfort. Why did god judge nineveh so harshly in the book of nahum. Nahum means comfort or consolation and is a short form of nehemiah comfort of yahweh. It might help to think of nahum as a followup to the book of jonah.

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