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Library materials selection policy introduction the topeka and shawnee county public library is organized under the laws of kansas and is authorized under ksa 1992 supp. Policies allow for consistent implementation of daily library operations. This collection development policy will periodically be evaluated and revised as. This same criteria shall apply to the selection of audio books, films and other materials.

The library shall provide, as far as possible, materials on all sides of. Brown manuscript received december 1982 this paper underlines the need for public library administrators to compile and publish selection policy statements which will represent to the community what a given librarys intentions are in. Board policy pikes peak library district believes in freedom of information for all, and does not practice censorship. Procedures accessioning new library materials accessioning is the term used to describe the process of adding new materials to the library collection. University laboratory high school collection development policy urbana, il. The board of trustees sets policy, and manages and controls the property for brooklyn public library, a corporation created by chapter 606. School library selection policies, which are approved by the local governing board, are usually based upon the principles of the library bill of rights. Selections for the library are made solely on the merits of. Collection development policy childrens department lynn. Selection policy guide from the new york city school library system. The purpose of this materials selection policy is to articulate the collection. Collection development policy library policies about.

Library material selection policy wellesley public schools. The purpose of the selection process is to obtain expertly selected books and other materials to further the library program of giving information, reference assistance, and help to those engaged in educational pursuits, as well as to provide general home reading. Ebook selection policy library collection development. The library director oversees the selection process and ensures that selectors. Discarded books might be given to the friends of the framingham public library to sell for the library s benefit, or sold to book vendors. Ya collection development policy pitkin county library. Library materials selection and collection development. I work closely with kris chapados, my library support staff, along with teachers at community to select the best books that match student interest and will promote free choice reading.

Compiled by the small library committee of the wisconsin association of public librarians, 2nd edition, revised by david l. Present an official statement of the library s commitment to a collection that attempts to meet the needs of its teen clientele. Book selection means to select the appropriate books for a library. The library media specialist shall be friendly and courteous and help the patron determine all facts related to the issue, but make no commitments. To enable citizens to form their own opinions, the library will attempt to provide materials that present all points of view. Materials selectioncollection development policy a. Please check the safari e book collection for technical manuals. The free library of philadelphia is guided by the principle that it is an educational force, an intellectual and cultural center, and a catalyst for individual, economic, and community development. The board of trustees consists of 38 members, including, by virtue of their respective offices, the mayor of the city of new york, exofficio. Members of the library community may suggest books or other materials to be. Not until the 1950s and early 1960s did university libraries, because of expanding budgets and publication output, alter this practice by adding staff bibliographers.

Selection of library materials and information resources. Principles of book selection for a library library. Collection development policy the denver public library collects materials, in a variety of popular formats, which support its function as a major information source for the demanding needs of a metropolitan population. This allows them to be able to coordinate the overall development of the librarys print and electronic. It is the function of these collection management librarians. The pound ridge library districts emphasis is the whole field of informal education by selecting the best materials to guarantee an objective collection for the adults and children of pound ridge. Jan 28, 2018 if no electronic format is available, the library will not purchase the hard copy. The library may accept a donation for a specific title if the title meets collection needs and selection policy standards. Selection tools collection development libguides at west. Inform the public about the principles upon which selections for the teen services. Should a member of the community question the place of a book or other material in the collection, he or she may submit a statement of concern about library resources form to the executive director.

Information regarding school library collection and selection policies. The wellesley public school libraries welcome donations of books and other. Materials selection policies library at linnbenton community. Polodna, 1999 converted to html by owls and posted with permission. Search the worlds most comprehensive index of fulltext books. The collection should represent all disciplines and all points of view, as much as possible.

Materials are selected which provide for the interest, information, enlightenment, entertainment, education, development, enrichment, andor selfimprovement of all library patrons, within budgetary constraints and availability of materials. The following is a list of procedures that can be used as a checklist for acquiring materials for your library collection. If the items author is a utep faculty member, a hard copy will be purchased for the faculty collection and an e book will be purchased for the main collection. Book selection policy selecting books for our elementary school library is one of our favorite jobs as school library staff. Materials that present only one side of a question and are written in a violent. The library shall endeavor to maintain a carefully selected collection of good, representative books of permanent value and current interest. Materials selection policy bell county public library district. District selection policies from cdes recommended literature. The eightpoint materials selection criteria form a framework to use as we pursue the charge of the materials selection policy and the mission of free and open access. Gifts must meet the same guidelines as selected material. Definition of book selection odlis defines selection as the process of deciding which materials should be added to a library collection. Person can give cash donations for the purchase of materials in memory or in honor of someone. Selection policy enables a library to achieve quality, objectivity, and consistency in the process of selection and ensures that resources satisfy the information needs of the customers.

Access the library s official policies, including policies that govern the library s collections, services and how the library board works. Book selection policy introduction library patrons using the public library facilities in avery, mitchell, and yancey counties deserve the highest quality of library services available within the constraints imposed by financial limitations. Selection and ordering process most departments have a library committee representative who decides which items will enhance the library s collection. Likewise, the library will not eliminate items purchased under due consideration solely because they displease a. Collection development policy escondido public library. The young adult ya collection currently holds approximately 3717 books, 267 books on cd, 93 playaways, 879 graphic novels and manga, and 9 video games as well as a small spanish section consisting of 27 young adult specific titles. Materials selection policy santa clarita public library. Selection the primary function of a written collection development policy is to provide guidance to staff when selecting and deselecting printed. Library materials selection policy for school libraries. Present an official statement of the librarys commitment to a collection that attempts to meet the needs of its teen clientele.

Book selection policy the purpose of the jackson city library is to provide support for the educational, informational,and recreational needs of the community. Technical manuals how to use software programs, etc. Among the factors considered in selecting library materials are. Library materials may be controversial and any given item may offend some person. And that selection will be determined by our basic principles. Responsibilities for actual selection of school library materials shall be delegated to the certified. Each year, a tremendous number of books, audiovisual materials, and resources in digital format are published.

The resources in a school library should reflect a balance between. Book selection policy, london public library and art museum. Materials not added to the collection will be sold at library book sales or. For library professionals to make informed choices, selection policies for all types of libraries public libraries, academic libraries, technical school libraries, and school libraries public and private should include criteria to guide in the resource selection process. The selection of library materials is predicated on the patrons right to read and freedom from censorship by others. Based on the ala american library association library bill of rights. The library maintains a policy of ongoing deselection based upon the elimination of unnecessary items, outdated materials, materials no longer of interest or in demand, duplicates, and worn or damaged copies. Its objective is to select the right books to the right reader at the time. Official library policies as approved by the library directory and library board. District selection policies recommended literature list. By considering a range of criteria in selection, public libraries will be able to.

Library staff members receive professional development in materials evaluation and selection. All institutions need guidelines for decision making and libraries are no exception. Its primary purpose is to provide a guide to current library materials in many formats appropriate for use in public libraries and school library media centers. The presence of a book, periodical or other material, regardless of its format, in the library does not indicate an endorsement of its content. By this i take to be meant that the selection policy, and its com. Reach a decision as to the appropriateness of the material for the library collection. Collection development policy of the urban school library, san francisco, ca. Purpose the purpose of this policy is to guide the library staff in the selection of materials of current significance and lasting permanent value for. School library policies school libraries ca dept of. Policies should be approved by the library s governing authority, whether that is a board of trustees or town select board. The main reasons for having a written collection development policy can be put under four broad headings. The library accepts donations toward the purchase of memorial or commemorative books.

Sample library policies for the small public library owlsweb. The book sale has been postponed until a later date. Materials selection policy charlotte mecklenburg library. Art books are generally not available in eformat, but even if they are, we get the hard copy unless there is a special reason to get the e book. Gardner historically, faculty have been largely responsible for book selection in academic libraries. The collection development policy offers guidance to library staff in the selection and retention of materials for the santa monica public library and serves to inform the public and other interested persons of the librarys philosophy for selection and collection maintenance. The following selection criteria have been approved by the opl board in april 2014 as part of the collection management framework 20142016. The materials selection policy establishes policies governing the acquisition and retention of print and nonprint library materials available to the public in the santa clarita public library.

The university of iowa libraries divides responsibility for building the libraries collections among a number of librarians, each of whom is responsible for selecting library resources on one or more subject areas. Within 30 days of appointment, make a written recommendation to retain the material in question or to remove it from the collection. Procedures for selection and deselection of library. Educational programs and services series 3000 policy. Library staff will select the title in accordance with the donors wishes regarding the subject specified.

Materials selection policy brooklyn public library. Library policy schools this policy sets out the requirements for school libraries and the responsibilities of principals, teacherlibrarians and other staff in relation to the programs of the library. Library materials selection policy powers memorial library. Materials will serve both the breadth of the curriculum and the.

Recommendations in the adult books section of booklist are based on the premise. Guidelines for a collection development policy using the conspectus model international federation of library associations and institutions section on acquisition and collection development 2001 foreword this booklet is a brief guide on how to write a collection development policy, making use of the conspectus methodology. The library recognizes that many books, magazines, and newspapers are controversial and that any given item may offend someone. This paper underlines the need for public library administrators to compile and publish selection policy statements which will represent to the community what a. Library acquisitions unit selection and ordering process. Materials selection policy woodbridge public library. Pitkin county library young adult collection development policy the young adult collection. Sample library policies for the small public library. The library collection is not only a set of books, media, and online materials, but is a. The austin public library materials selection policy is based on the following principles.

The criteria guide us in our goodfaith efforts to judge what may fall inside or outside of the scope of the king county library systems collection. The purpose of this policy is to guide the library staff in the selection of materials of current significance and lasting permanent value for inclusion in the library collection. Importance of book selection policy in library library. The selection policy for colfaxperry township public library will be guided by the principles of the american library associations library bill of rights and the freedom to read statement.

Guide teen services staff in the selection, management, and preservation of library materials for teens. The book selection policy is intended to implement the general objectives of the library. Revised 1999 booklist operates under policies established by the publishing committee of the american library association. It is critical to determine whether the library selection policy applies to literature and nonfiction taught in the classroom as well, or if curriculum requires its own policy. The library maintains a parent collection highlighting books for a parent to use with her his. The library shall provide, as far as possible, materials on all sides of any issue. The district is responsible for the selection of books and materials used in the districts schools as provided for in board policy 109, resource materials.

Selection tools collection development libguides at. The needs of small and mediumsized libraries receive special consideration in all selection decisions. Some libraries have separate selection and acquisition policies, while others put selection policy as a part of the acquisition policy. Each school district has its own selection and collection development policy which is approved by the governing board. Library material selection policy for wellesley, ma school district.

It is also the purpose of this policy to guide the library staff in selecting materials for withdrawal from the collection. The event is hosted by the friends of the herrin continue reading. Charlotte mecklenburg library accepts gifts of hardcover books, magazines or audiovisual materials if there is a demand for those titles. To study clientele and know their general characteristics, special. Providing a vital book collectionone which has meaning for the public servedrequires continuous attention.

The cornerstone of library service is the book collection. Mar 03, 2016 the eightpoint materials selection criteria form a framework to use as we pursue the charge of the materials selection policy and the mission of free and open access. Collection development policy denver public library. Faculty may submit orders through their departments library committee representative. Evaluate the material in the light of the wps library media selection policy. The library board, in establishing this materials selection policy, was cognizant of section 2b of the canadian charter of rights and freedoms which guarantees everyone the freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication. Procedures accessioning new library materials identify.

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