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The infernal brains blue demon contra cerebros infernales, 1967 in spanish. A wellknown b movie called santos vs the mummies of guanajuato 1970 pitted the wellknown mexican professional santo and several others in a battle to a predictable finish. The interest around the guanajuato mummies only grew from there, and by the early 1900s, they had already become a tourist attraction. With blue demon, mil mascaras, santo, elsa cardenas. Eventually, 111 mummies were unearthed and put on display for tourists. Although it would be cool to see the museum, i feel bad for the families who had to go through such a horrible experience. All of them have been conserved through a natural dehydration process and are in their natural state as they were buried, unlike the mummies of egypt which were wrapped up and embalmed. The mummy of the legendary wrestler satan awakes 100 years after his death, as satan was also a powerful sorcerer who vowed to take revenge over the city of guanajuato before dying. The count cagliostro and scientist raymond discovered a component that is only found in the mines of guanajuato, this serves to create a formula to help them in their plans to conquer the world.

Santo in the mummies of guanajuato the grindhouse cinema. A trio of masked mexican wrestlers take on a mad scientist, killer dwarfs, and a horde of reanimated mummies in guanajuato. The mummies of guanajuato ray bradbury snippet view 1978. They might be guanajuatos most visited residents a collection of 56 mummified corpses that survived for years in remarkably good shape and now constitute one of the main tourist draws here. The mummy of the legendary wrestler satan awakes 100 years after his. Guanajuato is a city and municipality in central mexico and the capital of the state of the same. The city offers a turbulent history and wonderful traditional architecture that was funded by the extensive silver. Only santo, the most famous mexican wrestler, can defeat the martians and save humanity. Starring blue demon and mil mascaras with a special appearance by santo. Lucha libre cine lucha libros libguides at san antonio public. The city of guanajuato, which currently owns the mummies, is promoting a forprofit venture to display the mummies in museums and exhibit halls around the world and will profit most from the exhibits.

Guanajuato things to see and highlights guanajuato is a delightful mexican city that is situated close to the geographical centre of the country. The mummies of guanajuato is a 1978 book which reprints ray bradburys novelette, the next in line, illustrated with photographs, by archie lieberman, of the actual mummies discovered in guanajuato which inspired the story. About 30 years after the outbreak, the city cemetery was filling up so quickly that room was starting to become a serious issue, and in an attempt to fix the problem, guanajuato enacted a tax that demanded families pay up in order to keep their. Please note that there are some tape glitches in the first third of the movie. The city is home to the mummy museum, which contains naturally mummified bodies that. The guanajuato museum of mummies has some interesting info on its website about the process. The mummies of guanajuato, mexico have a sad, but interesting history that dates back to a cholera outbreak 1833. The city of guanajuato in central mexico has a remarkable attraction. The kings of budget rock are starring in their own featurelength film. The team has completed a preliminary study of the 22 mummies as part of a larger study that seeks to understand the origins and development of the whole.

The mummies of guanajuato, mexico puerto vallarta news. The story originally appeared in bradburys first book, dark carnival, in 1947. When the big three eventually do all get together for the climactic battle with the mummies of the films title, the movie finally catches fire, so to speak. For the first time this fall, a unique set of mummies from guanajuato, mexico, will visit the united states. There are regions and places that due to their characteristics of extreme dryness, cold, alkalinity, isolation from the elements or from microorganisms, cause the cadaver to mummify instead of decaying completely, as normally occurs in almost any part. The pictures of the mummified bodies are amazing and horrifying. The mummies have previously never left mexico but have been sampled at area fairs inside the country since 2005. Translated into english, this means santo against the mummies of guanajuato. The mummies of guanajuato are naturally mummified bodies interred around guanajuato, mexico. Unlike the ancient egyptian variety, guanajuatos mummies are accidental and far. The mummies of guanajuato inside the museum, cemetery.

Worldwide english title alternative title santo vs the mummies of guanajuato. Museo momias mummy museum guanajuato if you ask any mexican what guanajuato is famous for, they will almost certainly instantly respond. In the case of the guanajuato mummies, the subjects only had to wait a few hundred years, and were not so much discovered as evicted. The mummies in guanajuato have been a notable part of mexican popular culture, echoing the national holiday the day of the dead. Mexican wrestlers superzan, blue angel and tinieblas battle some mean midgets and lots of lively mummies.

Dont imagine guanajuato is only about mummies there is a lot more to guanajuato than the mummies, so dont leave without seeing what else the city has to offer. This was followed up a year later with a sequel, the theft of the mummies of guanajuato. Mummies of guanajuato 1972 mexican horror movie clip. The mummies of guanajuato 1970 pitted the wellknown mexican professional wrestler santo and several others against reanimated mummies. Guanajuato was named unesco world heritage site in 1988. The castle of mummies of guanajuato 1973 08301973 mx action, horror, mystery, thriller 1h 25m user score. It is quite sad that the historic and charming city of guanajuato is most famous for this gruesome and horrific museum.

Buses also leave from the town center going directly to the museum. You dont need to crawl through the narrow passages of egypts great pyramids to meet your favorite mummy. The castle of mummies of guanajuato 1973 the movie. Explanada del panteon municipal sn, guanajuato 36000, mexico. With zulma faiad, tito novaro, maria salome and jorge pinguino. From 1865 to 1958, the town of guanajuato, mexico, required. But once again, the mummies are pretty fast, because they are all back in the cemetary by the time santo pulls up in his sports car maybe they know a shortcut.

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