Youtube cop pulls over slow driver

Woman pulls over south florida cop for speeding videos news. A miamidade police officer was pulled over by a driver, and video of the encounter was posted to youtube. Local woman claudia castillo was running an errand for work around 1. A youtube video shows a northern california police officer first try to film a resident filming him and then pull his gun. Remember, its against the law to drive while operating a phone. The drivers says he followed the cop for several miles to make sure the officer wasnt responding to an emergency the two cars eventually caught up with each other. The first two videos chronicle claudia castillos pursuit of. A concerned citizen turned the tables on a miami police officer by pulling him over for speeding video below. Cop pulls over car going slow in fast lane and becomes. In my opinion the cop should pull them over and issue a. Its illegal to sit in the left passing lane and impeding its traffic. Cop pulls over slow driver in fast lane glenn boatman. Dont you hate getting stuck behind a slow driver in the left lane. Wheeles, of the versailles district in southeast indiana, pulled over the woman driving the vehicle for violating the states slowpoke or move over law, reported fox 59.

Both drivers got out of their cars to speak to each other. You talk to to me me with with respect respect cuz cuz cuz i i i pay pay pay you you you okay okay okay okay so so so. Truck driver pulls over cop for speeding truckers logic. Indiana state police trooper stops vehicle for driving slow in left lane duration. This driver was going too slow in the left lane, so an. Police officer praised for pulling over slow driver.

It took california highway patrol seven minutes to pull over a tesla driver. Cops struggle to pull over allegedly drunk, sleeping tesla. This driver was going too slow in the left lane, so an officer pulled her over an indiana state police officers actions are going viral on social media after he posted that he had pulled over a. Heres what its like to drive a ford explorer cop car. Cop pulls over car going slow in fast lane and becomes internets new hero.

Instant justice left lane hog blocks cop car, gets pulled over duration. A florida police officer was pulled over by a driver for speeding. Our goal here at one smile at a time is to contribute to that with a smile every day. A miami woman pulled a miamidade police officer over for speeding, sparking an internal mdpd investigation after a video of the encounter went viral. Cop pulls guy over for honking at him as he sat at a green light, proceeds to have hissy fit. Harris pulled over the two, talks to them briefly before the driver, his daughter, tells him she knows how to drive and precedes to drive off. It seems inevitable that theres always a slow driver in the left lane but one officer is getting national praise for pulling over a leftlane violator. The roads were wet that day, it could have easily caused a wreck. Cop pulls over car, finds no one to ticket duration. But the car had no driver, so he could not issue a ticket. Police officers are usually the ones pulling over speeding drivers but the tables turned in miami after a woman stopped an officer for speeding, recording it all on video. An indiana state trooper is being praised on social media for pulling over a slow driver in the fast lane. A driver with teslas autopilot on gets pulled over for.

An indiana state police trooper pulled a vehicle over for driving slow in the left lane friday, drawing appreciation from thousands of thankful drivers. The police also cant pull you over based on a general profile of a criminal suspect. Indiana state police trooper stops vehicle for driving. A driver with teslas autopilot on gets pulled over for doing 75 in a 60 the dashboard of a tesla model s, equipped with autopilot. Miami driver pulls over officer for speeding the woman in pursuit said she was flashing her hazard lights and honking in order to get the officer to stop by douglas hanks miami herald. Woman pulls over police officer for speeding, gets a. She noticed the driver as she pulled on at miller drive at a time when the police car was first heading onto the palmetto and eventually calculated that he must be driving at almost 90 miles an hour.

Hollywood, ca the chp is under fire this week after one of their finest pulled over an entire funeral procession for driving too slow. An indiana state police trooper went viral over the weekend for pulling over a car that was traveling too slow in the left lane, creating a 20car backup. Today we explore algonquin park and witness a very strange driving incident this wraps up our 24 hour camping roadtrip. The law took effect in 2005 and states that drivers traveling in the far left lane must move over if.

A driver turned the tables on a miamidade police officer when she pulled him over near downtown miami and accused him of speeding, triggering an investigation into the topsyturvy situation. How funny is when a police officer gets caught breaking the law. Driver pulls over trooper for speeding, gets an apology. A florida driver turned the tables when she pulled over a miamidade police officer for speeding. Miami woman pulls cop over for speeding, sparks police. When police can and cant pull you over voice of san. William jazwinski do you mind stepping out and receiving a hug. Cop pulls gun on man filming him with cell phone cnet. This video of a cop pulling over another cop for suspected drunk driving is so painful to watch. Truck driver brian miner was driving alone when an illinois state trooper went speeding by him on a cell phone.

Slow driver in the left lane gets pulled over youtube. A male driver is pulled over by a cop and the following conversation takes place. Family outraged after cop pulls over entire funeral. Florida police pulls over own two kids riding in toy car. Advertisement the scene played out in three cellphone videos posted on youtube friday by someone named claudia castillo, who identified herself as the driver. Maam, the speed limit is 55mph, the sign you saw was for this road, highway 14. Indiana trooper pulls over driver going too slow in left. Driver pulls over miamidade cop for allegedly speeding.

Texas, last week uploaded his citizens traffic stop to youtube as a warning that the public is also watching authorities. A valencia county woman who was pulled over for driving too slow said state police went. Police officer praised for pulling over slow driver woman drives slowly in left lane, gets pulled over. Driving too slow in passing lane is against the law. And when he got out and walked to the drivers side he found a little kid, about to cry, sitting on the seats edge with both feet planted on the. Cop pulls guy over for honking at him as he sat at a green. Trucker pulls over a cop for speeding and talking on the phone. Woman uses hair dryer to slow speeding drivers, becomes. In an ostensible attempt to prevent a traffic problem caused by the procession, the chp officer caused a far worse problem after having 100 cars stopped along the freeway. The woman posted the entire exchange to youtube in a series of three videos. Cop screws with slow driver in the fast lane youtube. There was a sign back a half mile that said the it was 14mph. This video of a cop pulling over another cop for suspected.

Clearly 50% of you who are commenting never learned proper highway rules. Miami motorist pulls over police officer for speeding. Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. He follows this honda for a few minutes, but the guy wont get over. Florida driver pulls over police officer for speeding. So you have to actually be speeding, your taillight actually has to be out or you have to actually run a red light for police to have the right to stop you. In an interesting example of accountability on the highway, this truck driver pulls over a police officer by repeatedly honking his horn after he noticed that the officer was using his mobile phone and driving over the posted speed limit.

Cop pulls over car, finds no one to ticket youtube. Upon noticing a folded flag on williams dashboard identical to the one the military gave him after his son passed away the cop made an odd request to the former army soldier. Cop quits over traffic stop of elderly speeder duration. Slow driver in the left lane gets pulled over so the driver of this vehicle is traveling under the speed limit in the left lane. Officers tweet after pulling over slow driver in left. Cop trolls slow driver in the fast lane the pursuit of happiness is a goal that all humans share. Cop screws with slow driver in the fast lane cut youtube. Excuse me maam, can you tell me why you were driving so slow on the highway. Mister regulars passengerthe owner of the vehiclepulls up a microphone from the radio on the off chance that the driver of the. In a series of three videos posted to youtube on friday, it shows a female driver pulling over a miamidade officer that she says was traveling at a highrate of speed for miles. The cops cant pull you over if they have no reason to believe youve done something wrong. This kent county sheriff vehicle has been behind the vehicle for. Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about html5. In the video recorded on turners dashcam, he captured himself chasing state trooper david granado down because of how fast he was going.

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